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Australia's biggest infrastructure program to date

The Australian Government is taking significant steps to create a sound future for the country; one year after announcing a $50 billion investment in world-class infrastructure, there are a flurry of projects breaking the ground.

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New Equipment

Toyota forklifts integral to success

Industry training provider Integral Skills is reaping the benefits of choosing forklifts from Toyota's range of refurbished equipment.

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Efficient control of roadside vegetation

Roadside vegetation control is an ongoing challenge for regional councils that have to manage intrusive growth, often along more than a thousand kilometres of roads. Excessive vegetation may obscure safety signage or otherwise impact driver and pedestrian visibility of intersections, drains, poles and other infrastructure. Outdated equipment or inappropriate work practices may consume tightly controlled financial and manpower resources. In some cases, inefficient equipment could limit performance, requiring additional work crews and equipment.

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