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Christchurch needs jetter/vac combo trucks

Christchurch City Council has requested help from Australian owners of combination jetter and suction trucks.

Christchurch needs jetter/vac combo trucks

Its City Care division needs about 20 units and crews for 8 to 12 weeks of long day shifts, to be deployed removing liquefaction silt from stormwater pipes, blocked as a result of the recent earthquake. Alternatives such as straight jetter/CCTV vehicles are also being considered.

Silt needs to be jetted or sucked out of the pipes as a matter of urgency before it completely hardens and poses a more difficult engineering problem. Naturally there is the potential for a public health issue if sewerage services are not restored.

Sydney Water is coordinating offers of support from the water industry and its Bruce Angus, (contact details below), can outline what is involved and the status of the current proposals to deploy equipment.

Typical jetter truck pictures are attached. However offers of smaller vehicles or skid mounted units with similar jetting or suction functionality are being welcomed. It is understood that five organisations have already offered assistance but further offers are welcome.

More information: Bruce Angus, Sydney Water,; 02 8849 3600; 0419 429 965, IPENZ Christchurch Earthquake

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