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Shantui officially largest dozer producer in the world

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Shantui, the multi-national construction equipment manufacturer based in Shandong, China, has announced that it is now officially the worlds’ largest maker of bulldozers; and manufactures all of them under its own brand name.

Shantui officially largest dozer producer in the world

For a long time Shantui has been the dominant dozer brand in China, its aggressive expansion and strong demand for the product internationally have led to its current market leading position.

In 2010, Shantui produced two out of every five crawler-type dozers in the world, manufacturing more than 10,000 units in the calendar year. Global production of bulldozers for the same year was 24,600. Its nearest rival, Caterpillar, produced just 6,400 units according to Off-Highway Research, the leading independent construction equipment industry consultancy who compiled the statistics.

“We are pleased to receive independent verification of our success,” said Richard Li, VP for International. “It is gratifying to see our investments pay off so handsomely, especially in the face of established competitors. Our combination of performance and great value is producing a winning strategy for us globally.”

Shantui isn’t just an assembler of dozers; it is a true manufacturing powerhouse. Shantui produces the lion’s share of the components that go into its dozers, even supplying parts to many of its competitors. Shantui says that their end-to-end manufacturing offers better value to its customers, and ensures a high level of quality.

Shantui’s line of dozers is highly diversified, with models specifically designed for swamps, deserts, highlands, power plants, forestry and landfill applications. Becoming the world’s largest producer of bulldozers is just the latest of Shantui’s milestones. In 2010, Shantui surpassed US$2billion in revenue. In 2011, it started producing the first brand-name dozer made by a Chinese manufacturer to pass European and American emissions and safety standards.

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