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Safe under pressure

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Aussie Pumps, Australia’s leading manufacturer of high pressure water blasting equipment has released a new range of high pressure protection clothing. Designed for use with pressure cleaners up to 7300 psi (500 bar), Aussie’s new “Safe Operator” range could dramatically cut professional pressure cleaning injuries and reduce fatalities in the industry.

Safe under pressure

“Familiarity breeds contempt,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Safety Manager, Martine Musumeci. 

“We’ve all seen council employees, tradies and even professional high pressure cleaning contractors working without steel cap boots, let alone serious protection equipment,” she said.

The ‘Safe Operator’ range ties in with Aussie Pumps’ training program for operators. “Aussie Safe Operator is all about protecting operators from the very real dangers of high pressure water use,” said Musumeci. “With the Safe Operator range we’ve stepped away from the traditional high pressure kevlar suits and have used a revolutionary new material. Called Dyneema, the material is more comfortable, lightweight and relatively inexpensive,” she explained.

The range of Aussie ‘Safe Operator’ clothing includes overalls, jackets, trousers and aprons.  They owe their comfort and lightweight to the use of Dyneema, claimed to be the world’s strongest fibre. Because Dyneema is fifteen times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis, it’s possible to make fabric that is lightweight whilst at the same time offering levels of protection not previously available.

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